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Our Science

A biotech with a coveted library of cellular therapies focused on life extension via CELLULAR NUTRITION & OPTIMIZATION.

Since 1969 we have focused in the research and development of bio-cellular therapies that help repair, regenerate, and inhibit the aging and decaying of cells. Our core focus is to study, identify, and classify what nutrients contribute and sustain cellular life. More than fifty (50) years later we have mastered the molecular composition of cells and how to ensure their optimal conservation.

Our empirical research and development is dividend into three (3) areas:

  1. Empirical research based on data gathering and systematic collection of material and/or analysis as the way to acquire knowledge. This data is derived from our original experiments or observations with the goal of elucidating and classifying active and qualitative proficiency about the human genome, DNA, and what constitutes cellular nutrition.
  2. The development, testing, and benchmarking of cellular therapies from nutraceutical, vitamins, and minerals ingredients our reserach has identified to be effective and scientifically proven to add value.
  3. The dissemination of our research through collaborations, longitudinal, and cohort studies with other professionals, NGOs, and public health groups to help achieve our mission and elevate the human condition.
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A powerful repository of cellular therapies containing cell-building-block blueprints. These cyphers show what amino-acids belong to what cell DNA configuration.


Within our empirical approach there are two forms of data we collect; quantitative and qualitative. We use this data to produce knowledge using evidence extracted from observation and calibrated scientific instruments. Qualitative information is a verifiable when we extrapolate large quantitative data points and active clusters. When combined we can effectively design therapeutic solutions to complex cell problems in short to longterm programs.

Our studies indicate most health related information in the public domain is generalized with little to no value. Within our longitudinal study spanning over four decades (40 years) we identified 70% of health related issues may be prevented or controlled with more access to empirical data or active information (quantitative or qualitative) regarding genetic and hereditary precursors when combined with nutrition.

Based on these findings, CULMINATE H LABS [CHL], can implement effectual protocols that granulate active information into target algorithmic frameworks that are specific to a cohort or demographic while disseminating prescriptive solutions relative to health, wellness, and their nutritional requirements.

This has compiled a powerful repository of cellular therapies containing cell-building-block blueprints. These cyphers show what amino-acids belong to what cell DNA configuration. Additionally it pinpoints what nutrients (proteins & peptides) hold a specific amino-acid, its anti-aging value, and what is the most advantageous absorption system to unbind the nutrient into free amino-acids for rapid bio-availability. Today CHL holds a library of over 500 cellular therapies ranging from infusions, injectable cocktails, emulsion topical applications (skincare & haircare) and encapsulated soft-gel dietary supplements.

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500 cellular therapies ranging from infusions, injectable cocktails, emulsion topical applications (skincare & haircare) and encapsulated soft-gel dietary supplements

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Our Differentiators

Driven by science our research platform and database granulates quantitative information into target genome mathematical schematics that stratify a specific cohort or demographic in order to disseminate and yield qualitative prescriptive solutions for cellular wellness and conservation.

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  • Why Partner With Us
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  • After 50 years of identifying how to repair, regenerate and or maintain a cellular organisms we have become stewards of their optimal conservation. This entails coupling genome sequencing, big data and nutrition into an effective delivery system we call ADVANCED HYDROLIZATION that ultimately achieves CELLULAR OPTIMIZATION, a very effective anti-aging system.


    A comprehensive library of protocols, curriculums, and formulas that validate the effectiveness and success of our disruptive MULTIDIMENSIONAL HEALTH SUPPORT SYSTEM.


    We design and formulate CELLULAR NUTRITION from cellular genetic specifications (i.e. what free-aminos acids are needed for a specific cellular structure) comprised of high quality nutrients and their optimal absorption.


    At the nucleus of our methodology we carefully match and formulate proteins with their amino acids to a cell's specific genetic marker and metabolic absorption requirements.


    Our vast acumen of use cases and applications cover five main verticals: Cellular Therapies, Nutraceuticals, Vitamin & Dietary Supplements, Skincare & Haircare.

  • Our Mission

    As a disruptor and responsible industry leader we strive to share knowledge via qualitative information payloads in order to build intrinsic value and ensure the evolution of the human species. Our institutional fortitude endeavors on building long lasting collaborative relationships with relevant academic bodies, associations and human initiatives. The unified goal is to heighten our industry's best practices, state of technological innovation, and elevate health standards by conducting broader in-depth research, case studies and benchmarking.

    Our Vision

    We envision ourselves as a key contributor and facilitator in a more sustainable future. One with zero environmental impacts, zero impoverishment, and zero disease. A future where optimal cellular conservation extends life and becomes everyone's legacy.

  • 1969 - 1984 Bueno Aries, Argentina.

    The research and development to identify what sustains a cell, its building blocks and how they are delivered to ensure cell revitalization and longevity. The ground work amassed a library of empirical data and hundreds of formulas that shape our present day methodology and system of cellular therapies.

    1985 - 1999 Bueno Aries, Argentina.

    Multifaceted collaboration focused on the study of biological and cellular therapies to share and facilitate empirical data with hundreds of doctors on the science of Biological Revitalization and Cellular Therapy. The collaboration included experts across functional medicine, endocrinology, neurology, exercise science, molecular biology, and nutritional biochemistry to help shape the system we know coin BIO-CELLULAR OPTIMIZATION™.

    1986 - 1995 Bueno Aries, Argentina.

    This collaboration extended its frameworks into clinical practice, medical training, and a symposium via the National Congress of Cotyledon and Placental Mesenchymal Tissue for dermal and hair revitalization. This included the design, formulation, and benchmarking of cellular therapies to aid in organ diseases and obesity

    1984 - 2003 Bueno Aries, Argentina.

    The Human Genome Project (HGP) was completed. HGP was an international scientific research project with the goal of determining the sequence of chemical base pairs which make up human DNA, and of identifying and mapping all of the genes of the human genome from both a physical and functional standpoint. It remains the world's largest collaborative biological project. The project was proposed and funded by the US government; planning started in 1984, got underway in 1990, and was declared complete in 2003. We were able to verify and confirm our forty (40) years of research on cellular composition and building blocks was accurate and effective as the foundation for our systems; BIO-CELLULAR OPTIMIZATION, BIO-CELLULAR NUTRITION, ADVANCED HYDROLIZATION, MULTIDIMENSIONAL HEALTH SUPPORT SYSTEM.

    2003 - 2015

    Our library of protocols and formulas grows to 450.

    2012 - 2019

    Commercialization of our cellular therapies via global licensing in the North America, South America, Europe & GCC Region.

    June 2019


    2017 - 2022 PROOF OF CONCEPT

    Successful research, formulation, testing and benchmarking of our cellular therapies into nutraceuticals and dietary supplements.


    XHUM [x factor // human // unified // management] protocol and product line presented and launched.

    Feb 2023

    Signed forward agreements to with expert physicians in functional medicine, anti-aging, erectile dysfunction, hormone replacement, skincare, haircare and cellular therapies to license the use of protocols and resell products.

    March 2023

    CULMINATE H LABS association curriculum drafted.

    Dec 2023

    CULMINATE H LABS library of intellectual properties transferred, established and held Delaware.

  • Our robust library of protocols, formulas, and R&D infrastructure enables a broad range of applications general or bespoke to genetic centric requirements.

    95% Product Effectiveness

    99% Ingredient & Product Quality

    99% Hypoallergenic

    95% Customer Centered Formulas

    100% Science Based Nutrition


    54 Years: Stewards Of Bio-Cellular Optimization

    518+: Protocols & Formulas

    25+: Application Product Lines

    1000+: Case Studies

    5: Cohorts

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