DNA Controls Aging, We Control DNA.

From 15th century Alchemy to Nobel Prize-Winning Science & Space Age Technology. Join Us In The Journey toward Agelessness.

About Us

We are a state-of-the-art cellular biotech company, created by brilliant scientists and visionary thinkers who have put 25 years of intensive research into finding ways to elevate the human condition by impacting health and beauty from within and without, and by combining old wisdom with state-of-the-art bioscience and space-age technology.

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A ground-breaking technology with a significant mission: to create and transform your future by significantly inhibiting the cellular aging process.

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Because DNA controls aging, we have created an exclusive system to help control your DNA with a binary protocol of dietary supplements, rehydration drinks, & skincare applications.

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The Institute

A wellness conservator engaged in the research, development, and implementation of cellular therapeutic and wellness applications that preserve and extend cellular life.

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The Architecture

Our robust technological framework is comprised of big data, research, development, genome sequences, and biosensor readings integrated mathematically to classify which specific bioactive compounds and what delivery systems offer the most advantageous anti-aging benefits.

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The Conservatory

Access to qualitative nutrition from food is sparse and extremely limited. As a direct result our health and longevity are compromised. Our mission and work offer a natural and effective alternative to the food and health crisis ahead. Our ultimate goal is to elevate the human condition.

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We Offer Optimal Health & Longevity, Let Us Unlock Your DNA Potential.

Visit our XR Ai Powered Laboratory & Genetic Library.


Our Solutions Promoting Wellness, Longevity, & Life Extension.

Cellular Wellness Custom Made For You


All Natural, Science Backed, Bioavailable + Bioactive Nutrients For Anti-aging & Cellular Wellness.

Multidimensional Health Support System

We take a holistic approach that identifies, designs, and delivers nutrition based on the need of each specific cell, the collective of cells and how it makes the body and mind WHOLE.

Cellular Nutrition

In our formulation we identify, design, and deliver high-quality proteins and amino-acids specific to each cell's DNA and mRNA code i.e., our genetic building block register.

Cellular Optimization

Our formulas combine a multi-dimensional health support system with the effective delivery and absorption of bioavailable nutrients that promote the development of proteins.

Mitochondria Energy Supplement

Our formulas include a variety of essential vitamins and antioxidants that help promote mitochondrial health and the generation of chemical energy needed to power all cells in the body.

Brain Super-Food

Our formulas deliver high-quality amino acids that constitute the make-up of brain cells to help support brain health, clarity, focus, and memory.

Practitioner Grade Formulas

Our formulas are designed and manufactured in collaboration with health and wellness practitioners to promote the consumption of multidimensional health support supplements for optimal health and wellness.

Advanced Hydrolyzed Delivery System

Our exclusive delivery and absorption system unbinds proteins and peptides to ensure the bioavailability of nutrients i.e. free amino acids.


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