Clean Slate Coffee, Low Carcinogen, Clean, & Smooth Coffee.

February 21, 2024

Clean Slate Coffee (CSC) is an artesian coffee brand that emanates from a story of passion, aspirations, and an unparalleled commitment to excellence.

Through its innovation and meticulous roasting profiling CSC’s coffee transports the senses with each sip while always exceeding the expectation with every cup of coffee. A journey that makes CSC one of the World’s premier coffee roasters delivering excellent flavor, wellness and a low carbon footprint.

CSC’s revolutionary coffee roasting technology mixes the coffee beans into a stream of hot air where the boiling process occurs to form a fluidized environment that enables high homogeneity and purity of the coffee bean without direct contact to the hot surface. CSC’s main technological advantage is the ability to prevent the formation of carcinogens in a low oxygen environment during roasting.

The CSC’s roasting profile preserves the coffee’s naturally saturated elements, vitamins, and essential oils culminating in an exclusive high quality coffee bean enriched in superior flavor and aromatic properties. CSC’s roasting technology allows us to clean the roasting chamber after each batch rendering the cleanest and lowest carcinogen coffee on the planet.

CSC’s roasting granularity ensures an identical batch-to-batch signature product eliminating waste caused by human error while facilitating a much smoother process and facile quality control. Our innovative acumen is defined by three pillars: Health, Taste & Economics (HTE). In conclusion our process produces cleaner, healthier and tastier coffee in less time while requiring less energy.

Key Benefits

  • High Quality
  • Organic
  • Low Carcinogen
  • Kosher
  • Rich Aromatics
  • Superior Taste
  • Dynamic Profiling
  • Sustainable


Advance Profiling & Cupping

CSC’s roasting process is fully automated, and precision controlled by an advanced touch screen panel computer system that has a programmable algorithm comprised of a roasting parameters and profile.

This process involves two steps that begin with the operator loading the hopper, followed by the computer seamlessly completing the eloquently roasted coffee bean.

Human intervention is not required during the roasting cycle, however dynamic adjustments can be performed on the fly if necessary to achieve a desired custom result.

Operational Dexterity

Our ability to minimize operational inputs while maximizing outputs due to our exclusive technology enables us to operate 40% more effective and sustainable than any other coffee roaster in the market.

Ultimately our optimal efficiency yields minimal waste as a result allows us to leverage and further control our supply chain management, quality, value add and customer satisfaction.

Supply Chain Acumen

Our combined 50+ years of operational management and supply chain optimization allows us to effectively design and execute product fulfillment and delivery schematics specific to our clients' conditions and requirements.

This proven and measurable rubric ensures timelines are met while reducing risk, waste and unnecessary cost to our clients and stakeholders throughout the entire supply chain from our roaster to cup of coffee.

Health & Taste Attributes

There is a misconception on organic coffee which in 99% of the cases implies the green beans are USDA organic certified, but the roaster is certified organic.

Our coffee roaster is certified kosher, which supersedes USDA organic seal in sterilization (cleanness) and sustainability. We can roast organic certified green beans upon the request and specification of our clients.

Because most industrial roasters do not clean in-between batches, the coffee bean’s surface area is clogged with waste particles. Our roasting innovation facilitates FULL permeation and embodiment of the coffee bean thus releasing its true aromatic essence and rich exceptional taste.