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Our business model is comprised of research & development, education, developing systems, formulation of products, and licensing of systems and product to our group of operating companies, commercial partners and third-party manufacturers.

Research & development

Our empirical research and development are divided into three (3) areas: Empirical research based on data gathering and systematic collection of material and/or analysis as the way to acquire knowledge

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Multifaceted collaboration focused on the study of biological and cellular therapies to share and facilitate empirical data with hundreds of doctors on the science of Biological Revitalization and Cellular Therapy.

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Developing Systems

An exclusive holistic process that identifies, designs, and implements a product and delivery system based on the need of each specific cell, the collective of cells and how it makes the body and mind WHOLE.

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Design & Formulation

We design and formulate CELLULAR NUTRITION from cellular genetic specifications (i.e. what free-aminos acids are needed for a specific cellular structure) comprised of high-quality nutrients and their optimal absorption.

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Licensing of Systems

The operation of a sustainable Health + Wellness Network comprised of health centers facilitating CELLULAR OPTIMIZATION and other systems via physician seminars, licensing programs and access to exclusive products and or protocols.

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The manufacturing of products and protocols to service our commercial operating companies that manage commercial contracts, licensing and brand positions of our services and products globally.

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What Makes Us Different

Driven by science, our research platform and database elucidates quantitative information into target genome mathematical schematics that stratify a specific cohort or demographic in order to disseminate and yield qualitative prescriptive solutions for cellular wellness and conservation.

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After 25 years of identifying how to repair, regenerate, and or maintain a cellular organism we have become stewards of their optimal conservation. This entails coupling genome sequencing, big data, and nutrition into an effective protocol that promotes cell proliferation to achieve cellular optimization i.e. a very effective anti-aging system.

Intellectual Properties

A comprehensive library of protocols, curriculums, and formulas that validate the effectiveness and success of our effective MULTIDIMENSIONAL HEALTH SUPPORT SYSTEM.

Superior Solutions

We design and formulate CELLULAR NUTRITION from cellular genetic specifications (i.e. what free-aminos acids are needed for a specific cellular structure) comprised of high-quality nutrients and their optimal absorption.

Pioneers in Cellular Nutrition

At the nucleus of our methodology, we carefully match and formulate cell proteins with their amino acids to a cell's specific genetic marker and metabolic absorption requirements.

Use Cases

Our vast acumen of use cases and applications cover five main verticals: 1. Cellular Therapies 2. Nutraceuticals 3. Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements (VMC) 4. Rehydration Drinks 5. Skincare & Haircare.

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Our Vision

We envision ourselves as a key contributor and facilitator toward a more sustainable future. One with zero environmental impacts, zero impoverishment, and zero disease. A future where optimal cellular conservation extends life and becomes everyone's legacy.

Our Mission

As an innovator and responsible industry leader, we strive to share knowledge via qualitative information systems to build intrinsic value and ensure the long-term evolution of the human species. Our institutional fortitude endeavors on building long-lasting collaborative relationships with relevant academic bodies, associations, and human initiatives. The unified goal is to heighten our industry's best practices, state of technological innovation, and elevate health standards by conducting broader in-depth research, case studies, and benchmarking. Ultimately, we see to elevate the human condition.

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Our origin stems from research and development built on 3 fundamental pillars and scientific achievements:

I. Quantum Mechanics, Biological Thermodynamics, & Cellular Negentropy

In 1935, the first scientific work devoted to the thermodynamics of biological systems was published - the book of the Hungarian-Russian theoretical biologist Erwin S. Bauer (1890-1938) "Theoretical Biology". E. Bauer formulated the "Universal Law of Biology" in the following edition: "All and only living systems are never in equilibrium and perform constant work at the expense of their free energy against the equilibrium required by the laws of physics and chemistry under existing external conditions". This law can be considered the 1st law of thermodynamics of biological systems.

1944: The 1944 book What is Life? by Nobel-laureate physicist Erwin Schrödinger stimulated further research in the field. In his book, Schrödinger originally stated that life feeds on negative entropy, or negentropy as it is sometimes called, but in a later edition corrected himself in response to complaints and stated that the true source is free energy. More recent work has restricted the discussion to Gibbs free energy because biological processes on Earth normally occur at a constant temperature and pressure, such as in the atmosphere or at the bottom of the ocean, but not across both over short periods of time for individual organisms. The quantitative application of entropy balances and Gibbs energy considerations to individual cells is one of the underlying principles of growth and metabolism.

1957: In 1957, German-British physician and biochemist Hans Krebs and British-American biochemist Hans Kornberg in the book "Energy Transformations in Living Matter" first described the thermodynamics of biochemical reactions. In their works, H. Krebs and Hans Kornberg showed how in living cells, as a result of biochemical reactions, adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is synthesized from food, which is the main source of energy of living organisms (the Krebs–Kornberg cycle).
2006: In 2006, the Israeli-Russian scientist Boris Dobroborsky published the book "Thermodynamics of Biological Systems",[3] in which the general principles of functioning of living organisms from the perspective of non-equilibrium thermodynamics were formulated for the first time and the nature and properties of their basic physiological functions were explained.

II. Orthomolecular Medicine, Regenerative Medicine, & Cell Therapy

1960: Niehans, P. Introduction to Cellular Therapy (1960), Dr. Paul Niehans publishes the results of his research into Cellular Therapy, breaking new ground in health science with fresh cell therapy as an alternative medicine where animal cells, dried or fresh, are injected into the muscles of humans. Dr. Niehans promoted it as a cure for many diseases and ailments, such as cancer, homosexuality, anemia, diabetes, heart issues, impotence, and sexual disfunction.

1960: American chemist Linus Pauling coined the term "orthomolecular" in the 1960s to mean "the right molecules in the right amounts”. Proponents of orthomolecular medicine hold that treatment must be based on each patient's individual biochemistry. Orthomolecular medicine is a form of alternative medicine that claims to maintain human health through nutritional supplementation. It is rejected by evidence-based medicine. The concept builds on the idea of an optimal nutritional environment in the body and suggests that diseases reflect deficiencies in this environment. Treatment for disease, according to this view, involves attempts to correct "imbalances or deficiencies based on individual biochemistry" by use of substances such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, trace elements and fatty acids.

1969 - 2000: “An Innovation In The History Of Cosmetology & Cosmiatry Of the World, Dr. Santiago Caleque, was encompassed by the comprehensive research and development to identify what sustains a cell, its building blocks, and how they are delivered to ensure cell revitalization and longevity. Multifaceted collaboration focused on the study of biological and cellular therapies to share and facilitate empirical data with hundreds of doctors on the science of Biological Revitalization and Cellular Therapy.

The collaboration included experts across functional medicine, endocrinology, neurology, exercise science, molecular biology, and nutritional biochemistry to help shape the system we know coin “Cellular Optimization”. Our independent research and development through a repository of Dr. Caleque’s research experiments, use-cases, and applications laid the foundation for shaping our present-day methodology and cellular therapies.  

This collaboration extended its frameworks into clinical practice, medical training, and a symposium via the National Congress of Cotyledon and Placental Mesenchymal Tissue for dermal and hair revitalization. This included the design, formulation, and benchmarking of cellular therapies to aid in organ diseases and obesity.

III.   Human Genome Project

1984-2003: The Human Genome Project (HGP) was an international scientific research project with the goal of determining the sequence of chemical base pairs which make up human DNA, and of identifying and mapping all the genes of the human genome from both a physical and functional standpoint. It remains the world's largest collaborative biological project. The project was proposed and funded by the US government; planning started in 1984, got underway in 1990, and was declared complete in 2003.

CULMINATE H LABS’S R&D & Manifesto:  Culminating Human Cellular Negentropy; Intrinsic & Extrinsic Binary Protocols To Elevate The Human Condition.

1998: Miami, Florida; Sensory effects of the quantum field through cascading wave functions; sound beds.  

2000: Miami, Florida; Cellular negentropy via information energy conversion using binaural frequency generators and transducers.

2003: Hong Kong;  Time reversal via the redistribution of the quantum field in cellular negentropic states.

2005: Miami, Florida; The quantitative applications and triggers for entropic balances and Gibbs energy for individual cells in their underlying principles of mitosis and homeostasis.

2008: Miami, Florida; Cellular mitosis and homeostasis as the process of cellular negentropy represented by DNA-RNA codons translated into genetic code and bioactive nutrients.

2010:Miami, Florida; Application and use-case of binary code, the unit of life represented as a particle and/or light wave, the DNA KEY wave function.

2012-Present: Miami, Florida; Inception of library on cellular composition and building precursor to protocols and constitution of protocols i.e. formulas.

2015-Present: Global; Global licensing of protocols and formulas as nutrient additive and anti-aging cocktail.

2018: Miami, Florida; Feasibility and market study:  All Americans suffer malnutrition due to 1. lack of nutritional value in foods 2. 85% of VMS are synthetic and of low nutritional value.  

2019: Miami, Florida; R&D hypothesis I & II:  technological and commercial (fill deficiency gap) scalability of cellular nutrition in a soft-gel, rehydration drinks, and skincare.

2020: Palm Beach, Florida; Inception of INTRINSICA; dataset modeling and mathematical computation of our existing library (genome, R&D, case studies, use-cases, formulas, protocols, applications) to yield predictive analysis; cellular nutrition and cell proliferation via an algorithm (DNA KEY).

2021-On Going: Palm Beach Florida; transfer and integration of our laboratory into a digital laboratory and library.

2022: Palm Beach, Florida; Proof Of Concept; R&D, formulation, testing, and benchmarking of our cellular therapies into nutraceutical and dietary supplements.

2023: Palm Beach, Florida; Proof Of Concept Validation:  I. sold to doctors, doctors sold to patients II. sold direct to consumer

2024-On Going: Miami, Florida; Realization of INTRINSICA; mathematical integration and modeling of existing baselines with biosensor hybridization to yield prescriptive and preventative biofeedback and insight in real-time

2024-On Going: Miami, Florida; Development of INTRINSICA Ai;  smart biosensor ring and biofeedback platform guided by a customer centered wellness companion and mathematical Ai yielding prescriptive and preventative health and wellness insight.

2024-On Going: Palm Beach Florida; transfer and integration of our digital laboratory into a XR Ai space.

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Our robust library of protocols, formulas, and R&D infrastructure enables a broad range of applications general or bespoke to genetic centric requirements.

98% Product Effectiveness
99% Quality Ingredient & Product
99% Hypoallergenic
95% Customer Centered Formulas
100% Science Based Nutrition


25+ Years; Stewards Of Cellular Optimization & Cellular Negentropy
500+; Algorithms, Protocols, & Formulas
25+; Application Product Lines
1000+; Case Studies
5; Cohorts

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