February 21, 2024

THE PEOPLE’S NUTRITION (TPN247) is dedicated to CELLULAR NUTRITION via the formulation and development of dietary supplements. A method that classifies cell composition, what nutrients sustain them (proteins & amino acids), and how they are best absorbed. Fundamentally TPN247 develops effective dietary supplements that achieve bioavailability and anti-aging benefits.

Not all nutritional supplements are made equal. TPN247 supplements are the perfect harmony between high quality proteins and amino acids specific to each cell and their absorption. At TPN247 our supplements are carefully formulated to offer maximum balance and wholesome retention.

Our cellular building-blocks, peptides, and proteins, consist of many amino acids that are bound together via peptide bonds. To achieve longevity by way of cell nutrition and functionality it is critical for these bonds to be broken down into smaller free amino acids forms.

Our extraordinary, hydrolyzed supplement has been carefully formulated to unbind these nutrients with water. This exclusive process effectively breaks down proteins and peptides into individual micro but powerful amino acids for immediate bioavailability and absorption throughout all cells of the body.

This helps inhibit cell aging, cell breakdown, and cell susceptibility to immune deficiencies that may lead to losing part or all its ability to fight disease.

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