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We prioritize our partner's needs by integrating our protocol, that identifies, formulates, solves, and optimizes, their process or product.

Doctor in a laboratory with a tablet in his hands.
Step 1:

Assessment & Evaluation

We conduct feasibility studies to identify and match which protocols may enhance our partner's existing or new product.

Step 2:

Research & Engineering Analysis

We hypothesize, model, and test potential scenarios that may achieve desired outputs and add value to our partner's existing or new product.

Doctor sitting in a chair in a laboratory in front of a laptop.
Doctors in a laboratory using the equipment.
Step 3:

Design & Development

Using empirical data from hypothesis, we verify which of our protocols align or design a bespoke protocol that meets target conditions and specifications.

Step 4:

Verification & Benchmarking

We rigorously verify protocol against previous throughput markers and verify its internal rate of return on investment.

Female doctor looking at a test tube in an office.
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